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About Mindhouse

With Business in Mind
We are a team of senior level marketing strategists devoted to helping companies grow. We are thinkers, creators and doers. We believe in combining the power of left and right brain thinking and can effectively toggle between them to bring more holistic, thoughtful and impactful results to your company.

We feel there is a void in the marketing industry: Companies are frustrated with creative agencies that lack the strategic chops, and with large consulting firms that over-engineer everything. We have the chops, and we keep things simple and straight forward.

We are experienced, pragmatic marketing strategists here to help companies tackle the issues that are impeding their ability to fuel business growth. We will help you crystallize and leverage your brand with business in mind.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team
Is your marketing team covering all the bases? It’s not a knock on them, but if your team is small, you may need some extra bench strength to help you achieve your business goals. But where do you start?

We help your company by supplementing your internal marketing team. We are able to provide an entire team of marketing experts, comprised of individuals with diverse experience and depth of knowledge, for the same cost as the salary of one in-house talent.

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We help companies crystalize and leverage their brands with business in mind. We would love to talk about your organization’s marketing and communications needs to see if we can help.

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