Mindhouse Marketing Works with Non-Profits

As a leading digital marketing agency in Calgary, Mindhouse Marketing works with non-profit charities and community associations to help supplement their internal marketing team and talents.

Without the help from a professional social media and content development specialist, your social media and digital marketing may be falling flat.  Mindhouse’s team of talented and experienced professionals can help highlight the important things happening within your organization.  We can help with such things as:

  1. Graphic Design & Advertising Development – Is the charity or non-profit wanting to advertise internal events, fundraisers or anything else special coming up?  Looking for posters, banners or large marketing collateral developed?  We work with our clients to ensure all their advertising and graphic design solutions are addressed.  The best part, we can provide quick turn-around time so the company can focus on marketing their events.
  2. Social Media – Your organizations social media is utmost important in non-profits or charities. This is sometimes the only way to advertise and promote the causes freely.  Marketing and advertising budgets are often very small or non-existent, thus the power of social media cannot be ignored.  Mindhouse Marketing will help grow your social media channel and company engagement by focusing and highlighting the most relevant information for your followers and community.
  3. Website – A non-profit or charity’s website is their online advertising brochure. Is the website sending the right message?  Is the website user-friendly?  Does it provide information to visitors that is easy to understand?  Is the website easy to find?  If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you need our help!  Our expert website designer will work with our clients to ensure that all key aspects of the website are enabled so your visitors have a stream-lined experience.
  4. Photography – Mindhouse Marketing provided professional photography services. Is there a special event or seminar that your organization wants to share over social media or the website?  Is the organization wanting to gather marketing collateral for future use?  Let Mindhouse Marketing cover the creative bases while you focus on the important part; the event.

Mindhouse Marketing believes in supporting local companies and we provide special rates for non-profits and charities.   We believe that when we work together, we win together.  If you want to inquire about our very competitive pricing, contact us today!