The Importance of Graphic Design in Advertising

We all know the power of brilliant marketing, even though one may not realize it.  Marketing and advertising are everywhere whether on television, billboard, digital, etc.; there is no escaping it.  Let’s find out the Importance of Graphic Design in Advertising!

Graphic designers have the artistic task to share a story with images and copy that are not only catchy but memorable.  The most successful campaigns are ones that are seen once and remembered for some time after.  What are the important factors of design and storytelling that graphic artists must pay attention to define a successful or failed advertising campaign?

  1. It’s all about BRANDING – Whether working with a client or developing pieces for a portfolio, it’s important to look at all the branding guidelines.  Graphic designers must work with these stringent rules to ensure a company’s voice is heard.  What typeface is being used?  Are their particular colours in a logo that will help accent your design?  Are you building an advertisement for children or celebrities?  All this must be considered when developing your designs.
  2. Show me the GRAPHICS – Imagery is just as important as words. Does your client want you to tell the story with images?  Take some time to think about how you can creatively present the story this way.  Sometimes, people don’t have time or just don’t want to read a full advertisement.  Think about ways you can convey the purpose without too much copy.
  3. The power of PHRASE – Be creative and unique, but make sure your copy is readable. If one is working on an advertisement for a ‘expensive electric toothbrush’, think of words that can relate to this.  Be expressive with words to help get the viewers excited about the product or services.
  4. You can’t be 100 per cent ORIGINAL – It just can’t happen anymore. Until new, innovative technologies change our industry, the brilliance of creativity and originality may be restricted.  But don’t fret – there are hundreds of amazing graphic design examples out there.  Use these ideas as reference points and add your own unique touches.  Get copy or additional information from the client’s website or by doing some industry research.  It’s not cheating, it’s about making the client happy.
  5. You are an artist, not a COMPANY EXPERT – Your interests may lie in technology, interior design or lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work with other industries. Your client is more than just a support for you.  They are an industry expert with a plethora of knowledge that can be passed to you.  Take this as a learning opportunity.   Absorb the knowledge they are sharing with you.  Really listen about the type of design they are seeking.  Ask question, send multiple proofs and stand out from your competition.

Remember, your skills are unique and this is why you were hired. Take the opportunity to further develop your skills and continue to use your creative talents.  These were just a couple of suggestions to consider when working with your clients.

For our next blog, I will share some of Mindhouse’s current graphic work.  This will give you an opportunity to compare the points from this blog to the advertisements we will be presenting.  Stay tuned!