The Magical Brilliance of Mr. W

2018-10-11T18:39:55+00:00October 11th, 2018|Advertising, Company Videos, Digital Advertising|

My colleague recently showed me an absolutely stunning commercial entitled Mr. W (Wind) for wind and solar energy company, Epuron. It was originally broadcast in 2007 and it has won several creative awards including a Cannes Gold Lion. It seems to be picking up momentum on the net again for which I am thankful; a whole new crop of people are being exposed to its brilliance, including me.

The spot does an amazing job of personifying wind power, still unpopular in some circles, as an awkward outcast. Mr W goes around knocking plants off balconies, messing up hair, and knocking empty bottles around and flipping umbrellas. He is annoying. People don’t like him. But while he is busy rustling a newspaper of someone seated at a park bench, an amazing thing happens. Wind is welcomed. It’s an incredibly funny and touching piece.

In researching the background on the piece, the creative firm behind the video said that casting Mr. W was the most difficult part of the project. Apparently the very last person who showed up to casting got the gig. But wow did they nail it. What a perfect fit it was. His name is Guillaume Delaunay, a French actor. His embodiment of the wind in nothing short of brilliant.

It’s a long spot at 2 minutes but is well worth your time. As an observer you’re drawn in, you feel an awkward connection to Mr. Wind. You feel for him being the bad guy, but then when his annoying uniqueness is embraced, it warms your heart. The accompanying music complements the piece masterfully.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I would love to hear your comments on it.