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Customer Relationship Management Tools

Be under no illusion - having a decent customer relationship management (CRM) tool for your business is a necessity. I’ve seen more cases than I could ever imagine where a business has a stack of business cards, or at best they’ve hired someone to enter them into a spreadsheet. Some of the more elaborate (and I will use that term loosely) spreadsheet users may even have a “notes column” they keep up to date (or [...]

The Magical Brilliance of Mr. W

My colleague recently showed me an absolutely stunning commercial entitled Mr. W (Wind) for wind and solar energy company, Epuron. It was originally broadcast in 2007 and it has won several creative awards including a Cannes Gold Lion. It seems to be picking up momentum on the net again for which I am thankful; a whole new crop of people are being exposed to its brilliance, including me. The spot does an amazing job of [...]

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On My Mind

Exploring the Real Brand of Costa Rica My family and I were in Costa Rica earlier this year; it was the dream vacation spot for my ten-year old, who loves sloths. My wife did all the planning with the help of a tour booking company, and I admittedly didn’t spend much time researching the country before we went (outside of my general awareness of the high number of snakes that call Costa Rica home – [...]

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