Keeping Blogs Relevant

Blogging requires time, focus and subject matter.  I can tell you this much – it’s a lot easier said then done. When trying to development content for your subject matter, keeping blog relevant is very important.

For example:

You are working with an automotive company – You will not blog about the construction industry

You are working for a construction company – You will not blog about the automotive industry

Although the two industries seem like complete opposites, we could write a blog with a similar subject.  How about engineering?  Engineering is used significantly in both industries and you may want to talk about the advances of engineering in each of those sectors.

With the above example, one can see the importance of being relevant.  Because of this, there may be times where content subjects won’t come to you.  It’s hard to creatively think of blogging ideas all the time and sometimes, you just need a little help.

I have found a great website that will help you develop your blogging content.  Anything from product showcases to problem solving, company announcements and news, these ideas will keep your blog current and relevant.    Thanks to Global Specs for the awesome piece.  To check out their list of blogging subjects, click here.

Do you have any other blog subject suggestions?  Want to leave of us some love?  Do it – leave your comments below.  If you would like to inquire about our full list of services, contact us today and come see what we have in mind.