Keeping Blogs Relevant

Blogging requires time, focus and subject matter.  I can tell you this much – it’s a lot easier said then done. When trying to development content for your subject matter, keeping blog relevant is very important. For example: You are working with an automotive company – You will not blog about the construction industry You are working for a construction company - You will not blog about the automotive industry Although the two industries seem [...]

Spring into Social Media

We can officially welcome Spring back as Old Man Winter loosens his gripe on the season.  The trees are beginning to bud, tulips will soon bloom, and the smells of a new season will freshen up the year.  As we change our routine, most of us will find ourselves outside, enjoying the temperatures and fresh air before the seasons turn again.  Use these seasonal changes in your professional life to enhance your social media networks. [...]

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Social Media & Company Growth

As we are all aware, social media is around us and it’s here to stay.  The digital technology age will continue to develop, evolve and innovate.  We as individuals and professionals rely on social networking to communicate, engage and present our ideas and thoughts to like-minded people.  Social media and company growth go hand-in-hand and here are my suggestions how one can continue to see growth on their platforms. Digital Advertising – Although social media [...]

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Follow Us on Social Media

Mindhouse Marketing talents are experts in social media content development.  Our service takes the stress of social media out of your company’s equation, thus allowing you to focus on your role more tentatively.  We can help engage your followers and customers to develop leads for your business.  Among the many things we can do for your company, we want you to follow us on social media, too. We know that there are multiple social media [...]

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Mindhouse Marketing Blogging Services

The team at Mindhouse Marketing provides a multitude of services to our digital marketing clients.   Our experts are professionally trained in graphic design, website development and design, social media content creation and blog development. In this week’s entry, I will be introducing our blog services.  Blogging is an important and integral part to any business practice, especially if your company relies heavily on your website for advertising and commerce.  Not only does blogging help keep [...]

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