Digital Workforce, the Millennial Employee & Working from Home – Part 2

I hope I haven’t kept you waiting too long for part two of my blog focusing on 20 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home, published generously by I truly enjoy being a social media content specialist.  I get the opportunity to work with multiple companies and their social media networks.   When ideas are flowing, it can very entertaining to create original content, blog, graphics, engagement and more. As my new role begins [...]

Building your Company Brand in 2019

First impressions generally leave long-lasting ones so it’s an absolute must that you present yourself in the best way possible.  Not only does this apply to human nature, but also in business.  In business, we call this branding.  Branding is like the clothing on your back.  It presents an immediate question of opinion to the consumer.  Whether this is negative or positive, you have imprinted the brand within their minds. There are a few key [...]

It’s all about the Social Media

Social Media still makes a strong case for the best free advertising opportunities a company can grasp onto.  Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or one of the other multitude of social media networks, there is a right way and a wrong way that I believe it should be used. Professional vs personal Remember, the content that you choose to present to your audience reflects the company and yourself. If you use a lot of [...]

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Mindhouse Holiday Hours

The holiday season is among us and everyone if putting their final touches on their holiday decorating and traditions.  This special time of year allows us to catch up on the much needed rest, spend time with friends and family and a time to reflect on the past year successes. Further more, this is a time to let the stresses and worries of work to be forgotten.   It’s a time to prepare goals for 2019 [...]

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The Beauty of Visual Stimulation

We’ve had the pleasure growing up in our world with some powerful tools.  Tools that we often don’t think of or don’t realize are being used in every waking moment of our lives.  The power of the human senses has helped us experience the world in a way that we can individually perceive our surroundings and environment. Sight is our most important stimulus and is social media marketing’s most powerful element, as well. We’ve always [...]

On My Mind

Exploring the Real Brand of Costa Rica My family and I were in Costa Rica earlier this year; it was the dream vacation spot for my ten-year old, who loves sloths. My wife did all the planning with the help of a tour booking company, and I admittedly didn’t spend much time researching the country before we went (outside of my general awareness of the high number of snakes that call Costa Rica home – [...]

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