Digital Workforce, the Millennial Employee & Working from Home – Part 1

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As industries continue to change and shape their companies for the 21st century, businesses are beginning to see a transition of how work is completed.  In the digital age, working remotely is as easy as turning on a light switch.  Millennials in the workforce have a much different opinion and view of the “work to live” concept that our parents adopted.

I found this interesting blog that spoke to me.  Found on, 20 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home, explores the work space more thoroughly and why there are benefits to this.

I have decided to develop a two-part blog that will showcase my personal opinions on one side and the actual blog content that I found on the other.

For some quick background, I have worked in social media marketing for the last few years.  Previously, I worked with a non-profit community association in Calgary where I was able to work from home / remotely once a week.  This is where I began to see the benefits of having this opportunity.  And this is why I wanted to share this blog.

Millennials are changing the way we look at the world in every single way.  Whether that is religion, politics, tradition or career, they’re reshaping how we live and view the world today.  Being a part of the demographic, I can see that more then ever.  In this case, I will focus on career and lifestyle.

Although I love being in a professional space with like minded colleagues, working remotely gives a better sense of comfort.  I can choose the space that will help benefit me the best through the work day, whether working at home or in a quaint, quiet café.

Working remotely eliminates any workplace distractions.  Silence and stillness allow me to laser-focus on my projects and tasks-at-hand.  I may choose to sit in my office, at the kitchen island or on the comfort of my couch, but I’m in an environment that will increase productivity.   Developing a ‘work-space’ that is mine relaxes, comforts and for surely increases productivity.

Breaking up the week has great emotional and mental benefits, too.  I feel a lot more energized.  I feel happier when I get go back into the office.  I feel more accomplished over the week.  It helps better balance my professional and personal lifestyle.

As a millennial, I believe that the way we work and how we want to work is changing.  Millennial’s see the benefit of digital technology and how it will help relieve some of the everyday stresses in the workplace.  Being able to work remotely will not only help create better company and employee moral, but personal moral. If companies can create more workable options for the generations to come, the workplace environment will have a whole new positive feel.

Stayed tuned for part two of the blog content entry when we explore 20 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home.  I believe it’s important for any business, manager or boss to look at.  Technology changes rapidly and we as a society are falling behind in the way it effects our lives.  How can industry and technology change so quickly, but we are still putting in our 40 hours a week like they did back in the 1900’s?