A Social Media Number’s Game

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have some of the highest active monthly users of all social networks that are currently available for use.  These applications are used not only for personal networking, but as well for business.

But how does find out what network will possibly drive the most traffic to your profile?  It’s a numbers game and that can be confusing for some people.  If you and your company is looking for a platform that has a high-number of active users, it can be a game changer in how the world sees your business.

Found on Social Media Hat, the recent article shows the most up-to-date and current user accounts for the most popular social media network sites.

One of the most common questions from both businesses and social media marketers is “how many?” How many users. How many people. How many opportunities – for each of the social networks.

Of course each social network is different. Some have extremely high usage every month by hundreds of millions of users, while others the only numbers reported are registered members.

Are any of these numbers accurate? Nope. They’re changing by the second, literally, and of course there are always questions about how they’re calculated, how many fake accounts are counted, and so on.

Yet the fact remains, even with a large statistical margin for error, these membership numbers are extremely interesting.

For each network, we will indicate the date of the most recent accounting, as well as whether we are looking at active monthly members or just registered users. Below the top social networks, you’ll also find data for secondary or up and coming networks, like Tumblr, Periscope and more.



  • Count: 2.27 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2018
  • Launch Date: February, 2004

Facebook’s data is one of the more recent sets to have been officially reported by the company, and therefore can be considered one of the most accurate. And of course Facebook continues to reign as the largest and most active of all the social networks.


  • Count: 1.9 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: June, 2018
  • Launch Date: May, 2005

Finally, we have updated data on YouTube usage! The previously reported data was 1 billion monthly active users as of March, 2013. Thanks to a comment from YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki at VidCon, we learned that YouTube’s usage had risen to 1.5 billion, and more updates have been released since. Adding 100+ million new users per year also shows that YouTube continues to grow at a faster rate than most of the other networks.


  • Count: 1.0 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: June, 2018
  • Launch Date: October, 2010

Instagram has been keen to report their usage statistics regularly, and with good reason. In March of 2014 they reported 200 million active monthly users, and by December they were reporting 300 million. After another 9 months, they’d grown by 100 million once more, and then again. Not only is that a stunning rate of growth, but that also puts them ahead of Twitter for the #3 slot among social networks.


  • Count: 336 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: October, 2018
  • Launch Date: March, 2006

Twitter continues to grow at a fairly steady rate, although there’s been a dip in reported users recently due to a crackdown on bots and duplicate accounts. The numbers are extremely fresh, so we can rely on them for comparison.


  • Count: 186 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: April, 2016
  • Launch Date: July, 2011

With the demise of Vine, we’ve now added Snapchat to the list of mainstream social networks! While Snapchat prefers to report on average daily user count (188 million) due to their monetization model, we’ll continue to compare with the other networks according to the last reliable MUA.


  • Count: 250 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2018
  • Launch Date: March, 2010

Pinterest added more than 25% to their user base last year. As the network adds additional features and more advertising support, we should expect that growth to continue.


  • Count: 260 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: December, 2018
  • Launch Date: May, 2003

Of all of the social networks, LinkedIn is the oldest and perhaps the least rapidly growing, though leadership has been making an effort over the past year to change that. Between the news integration of Pulse and the recent ability to publish on the platform, LinkedIn is hoping to spur both growth and daily usage.

As a Microsoft holding, LinkedIn is included in Microsoft’s Earnings Reports, and it’s been stated that LinkedIn’s total membership has risen to 575 Million Users. However, Monthly Usage has not been updated. It’s currently estimated that more than 250 million users now access LinkedIn monthly, but that is unconfirmed.


  • Count:
  • Reported Date: October, 2018
  • Launch Date: June, 2011

In a shocking announcement, Google confirmed that not only has Google+ usage been ridiculously low, it’s so bad they’ve decided to shut the entire network down. Like Vine before it, millions of Google+ users are left scrambling to find someplace else to hang their hat and call their virtual home. While growth of the network was strong in the early years, Google failed to properly market or leverage the popularity of the network for anything other than data accumulation, which led to a variety of issues. Google+ is scheduled to be shut down on August 31, 2019, giving those users time to sort out their plans, and giving us time to figure out what network should replace Google+ in the Top Eight Social Networks.


For reference, virtually every network agrees that an active user is one who took some action within the past month. And for some of the networks, that includes actions that can take place off-site, such as Liking or +1’ing a blog post. So if you’re wondering how many people are logging into a particular platform and looking at the stream of content being generated by the accounts they’re following, those numbers are lower still. And almost none of the networks even try to report them