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The team at Mindhouse Marketing provides a multitude of services to our digital marketing clients.   Our experts are professionally trained in graphic design, website development and design, social media content creation and blog development.

In this week’s entry, I will be introducing our blog services.  Blogging is an important and integral part to any business practice, especially if your company relies heavily on your website for advertising and commerce.  Not only does blogging help keep the site active, current and relevant, your visitors will appreciate the engagement you are providing to them.  However, unfortunately, blogging is not always considered important, thus is often forgot about.

Whether you are a non-profit or community association, lifestyle, clothing, electronics, automotive, art or a publication company, Mindhouse’s content specialist will provide a blogging experience that is not only energetic but will provide your readers with relevant information, news and original storytelling.

Our Social Media Content Specialist graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology from the Journalism program where he majored in Photojournalism.  Graduating with honors, he is also a member of the high-achieving scholarly Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa.

Do you want to see some of his previous work?  Check out some of his published writing examples.

Standout Publications:

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West Hillhurst Community Association:

Health Club Direction 2019

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Asset Construction:

Tenant Improvement (TI) Services

Are you looking to put more life into your blog?  Want to share positive stories and news about your industry with your clients and visitors?  Do you want your clients to know about events, retail specials or anything exciting happening within your business walls?

Let our professional and expert content specialist become your company’s storyteller.  Mindhouse will help drive further traffic to your website and support your digital marketing needs.  Contact us today to find out more about our blogging service and keep in ‘mind’, we’re storytellers.