Social Media & Company Growth

2019-03-04T15:30:10+00:00March 12th, 2019|Blogging, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media|

As we are all aware, social media is around us and it’s here to stay.  The digital technology age will continue to develop, evolve and innovate.  We as individuals and professionals rely on social networking to communicate, engage and present our ideas and thoughts to like-minded people.  Social media and company growth go hand-in-hand and here are my suggestions how one can continue to see growth on their platforms.

  1. Digital Advertising – Although social media networking is free in most cases, a professional or company may want to invest some of their advertising budgets on digital advertising.  Don’t drop your dollars on any network, though.  Do your research and see where your advertising dollars would be most beneficially spent.  If you are trying to grow your following or engagement on a network, perhaps this is where you focus on dedicating those dollars to.
  2. Content – It’s highly important that consistency is highlighted. Followers will expect content; a revolving routine that will continue to engage your audience.  Develop a schedule that works for the company and its social media networks.  If one plans only to post once or twice a day, try to have a set time for your posts.  Your followers may begin to expect posting at a certain time so they can check out what’s happening at your company.
  3. Graphic and Video – Go through a social media feed. What content makes you stop and investigate?  Do you stop and read every written update, or do you tend to look for inspiring graphics or videos?  We, as humans, are very visual.  Be sure to use original graphics for each post to keep your feed clean and non-repetitive.  Keep your audience engaged and interested with your content posting.

The three points above are only suggestions and ideas on how you can better improve your social media networks.  Remember, building your social media platforms take a while.  If your social media account is newer, give it a three-month probation period.  Do monthly reports and see what networks are performing the best and what networks would be smart to focus on.

In all, have fun with it.  There will be pressure to see network numbers increase and it’s important that social media and company growth go together.  But, unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the social media Gods… do your best and watch your engagement grow.