It’s all about the Social Media

2019-02-07T20:47:36+00:00January 21st, 2019|Logo Design|

Social Media still makes a strong case for the best free advertising opportunities a company can grasp onto.  Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or one of the other multitude of social media networks, there is a right way and a wrong way that I believe it should be used.

  1. Professional vs personal
  • Remember, the content that you choose to present to your audience reflects the company and yourself. If you use a lot of slang or lack punctuation on your personal accounts, this is just fine, but don’t let me see this on a professional social network.  You must be able to get the information out in simple English that is easy to read and understand.  If your visitors need to stop or re-read a post, this slows them down and they may just move on.
  1. Be the voice
  • Recognize who engages with your social media accounts. Know the demographic and the voice you may have to use.  If you are covering social media content for a trade such as engineering or construction, you may have to use technical terms that only industry people will understand.  You may not have a complete understanding of it, but your voice is the voice that industry people will listen to.  If you are covering social media for daycare, you may be able to lighten up your language and be broader.  Talk to the audience like you are a parent yourself (whether this is true).  Learn who your audience will be and adjust how you engage with them per industry.
  1. Reach your goals
  • Consult with your clients to find out what their goals are for their social media. Is it to sell products?  Is it to advertise the business?  Is it to engage with current and new customers?  Is it to drive traffic to your company so you can make millions?  Is it the company’s way to announce deals or sales?  All these questions will help you figure out who your target demographic is, the voice and content you will present. Now, I don’t necessarily mean that you must deeply understand the industry that you are coordinating for but know the basics and be sure that you can expose this to the best of your ability while using social networks.

  1. Know your limits
  • Explain to your clients that social media networks aren’t used to flood the public’s news feeds. It is to be used to showcase relevant information about the company, its products and the industry it is apart of.  Try to only post one to two times daily.  A flooded feed about a sale coming in two weeks or posting about a specific service/ product in a short period of time will be ignored, forgotten, unfollowed or even look like as spam to the user.  Be conscious of what you are posting, when and how many times a day.
  1. Have fun
  • Social media can be very interactive. Engage with your audience whether they’re ‘liking’, sharing or commenting on your post.  Engaging with your audience will have lasting effects and this helps build professional rapport.  Create or present original graphics, video and content.  Give your audience a reason to come back to your pages time and time again.

These ideas might seem like common sense, but it gives everyone a better idea how they can improve their social media content not only professionally, but personally, too.  Social media can be an extremely useful tool if used correctly and is a great option to have your company recognized in the local, national or international market.  Remember, the internet has no boundaries.