Spring into Social Media

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We can officially welcome Spring back as Old Man Winter loosens his gripe on the season.  The trees are beginning to bud, tulips will soon bloom, and the smells of a new season will freshen up the year.  As we change our routine, most of us will find ourselves outside, enjoying the temperatures and fresh air before the seasons turn again.  Use these seasonal changes in your professional life to enhance your social media networks.

You ask how and I will tell you!  Spring into social media and I will share some simple ideas to help improve and sustain engagement of your social media networks during spring.

  1. Photos and graphics – Who likes being out in -35-degree weather?  I will assume that most people will agree with me when I say, “I don’t.”  Over the winter season, I tend to use stock imagery and graphics for social media posting.  Although this is alright, wouldn’t you rather share and present your story with original photos?  Get out, start shooting and find something unique in your surroundings.
  2. Posting – We know our Winters go 6 – 8 months out of the year. This is the time that most of us Canadian’s hunker down and get into our ‘hibernation mode’.  We tend to spend significantly more time on our devices such as computers, cellular phones or tablets over the winter months surfing the web or constantly checking out social media feeds.  In spring, we try to unplug and spend much more time without our devices.  But don’t forget about your social media and engagement.  You may want to investigate adjusting your positing schedule over the summer.  Work with your team to decide how adjustments are made to ensure continued engagement
  3. Live Video – Is your company hosting an event, seminar or something else exciting? Why not showcase this to your followers and viewers.  For example, your organization is hosting a Stampede Breakfast – why not go live and invite the public and community members to the event.  Showcase the amazing food, entertainment and energy that is surrounding the event.

Please note that these are just suggestions how to amend your social media posts for the spring / summer season.  You may have further to add or other suggestions.  We want to hear them!  Comment below!

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