Why Social Media Reporting is Important

2019-03-07T17:13:14+00:00April 22nd, 2019|Digital Marketing, Social Media|

Working as a social media content specialist is more than just posting news, information or services on the multitude of networks.  It’s more than monitoring your networks and engaging with your followers or clients.  It’s highly important to take time once a month to look at your analytics and therefore, this is why social media reporting is important.

Your business may be new at using social media or have pages up for years but are they preforming the way they should?  Are you wasting time on networks that aren’t benefiting the cause?  By looking at your analytics and producing monthly social media reports, this will help you decide where you put your time and effort in.  Let me explain:

Following your Followers

On a monthly basis, is your following increasing?  Is there engagement such as comments, likes, questions, etc.  happening often?  How do your followers find your page?  These are important questions to ask and answer.  If you are seeing declines, it’s time to investigate the reasons why.  Consider messaging your followers to find out what content they like and dislike.  Look into the demographic of your followers – is this your target market?

By following your followers, you will better understand what works and what doesn’t on your social media networks.  Remember, your followers are the link to a larger fan base.    Take advantage of it and grow your social media network.

What’s the Purpose?

A company finds itself using five or six social media networking sites.  Is this necessary?  What is the purpose of utilizing all of them?  Is it to generate further following and leads for your company?  Are they being used just because they are popular applications?  Again, this is a question to be asked and answered.  The answer should reflect the industry your company is in.

If a company is within the construction industry, look at what social media will be most beneficial.  Instagram is a perfect network to showcase your projects.  Present before and after shots and focus your post on a certain area such as finishes and craftmanship.  LinkedIn might not be the network that you would want to post this to.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site generally used to find talent and share industry news, thus this may not be the network to present graphics and photos on.

Companies shouldn’t use all the platforms out there just to say they are on it and utilize it.  Focus on your goals and use networks that will support them.

Report your Findings

Your network use should be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Decide what networks are working and what ones could be eliminated from your tasks.  Focus your energy into the networks that provide you with the most positive information such as following, and engagement increases.  However, there may be a network being utilized that is not performing the way you’d hoped.  Do you drop those because it’s time to give up? There are multiple ways one can increase their network following.  In all, be patient.  It takes time and energy for social media networks to establish.  Reviewing your numbers on a monthly basis can quantify your decisions on what networks to use.  If the benefits of using a particular social media network seems scarce after a three-month probation period, it could be time to shift your energy elsewhere.

Social media continues to be a powerful tool for businesses around the world.  It will continue to advance and evolve, providing companies opportunity to grow organically.  New applications may arrive, and professionals need to decide how and when to use these networks.  Take time to look at your numbers and report your findings.  Therefore, this is why social media reporting is important.